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Friends with Benefits

The podcast

Hosted by international Cabaret & Burlesque artists Tash York & Miss Bettie Bombshell!


"Friends With Benefits" talks all things showbiz in the independent arts scene. Want to hear the weirdest gig Zelia Rose has ever done? How about Dollly Diamonds top showbo tip? Maybe you wanna know how Ruby Slippers got into this crazy business? Well, we got it all recorded friends, with lots of wine, and perhaps a tiny bit too much swearing. Sorry bou'tit. 


It's just like being backstage, post show, with all your favourite performers. Each episode we invite a special guest star to join us for a bottle of Naked Wines, and to talk shop! We get the inside scoop folks, all the late night shenanigans, insider showbo tips, and ridiculous stories!

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