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"If you had to choose to see only

one burlesque performer,
make it Bettie Bombshell"

- Gronk Magazine


Described as "Flawless" - Voice Mag UK & "The best in Australia" - Hifiway

Bettie Bombshell is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the world of burlesque & sideshow. 

With a decade of touring under her belt, she has cemented her status as one of the industry's most sought-after artists. 

Her accolades, including winning the prestigious national title of Miss Burlesque Australia, being ranked as one of the 14 most influential burlesque performers world wide (2020-2024) & the #1 most influential burlesque performer in Australia (2023 & 2024) by 21st Century Burlesque Magazine speaks volumes about her talent and impact on the industry. 


Bettie’s illustrious career has seen her take centre stage at some of the most prestigious events in the burlesque world. 

She has headlined the two major national festivals in Australia, commanding attention at both 

The Australian Burlesque Festival & The Perth International Burlesque Festival.

But Bettie's reach extends far beyond Australian shores. She's made her mark on the global stage captivating audiences at the renowned Burlesque Hall of Fame competition in Las Vegas, a pinnacle event in the burlesque calendar.

Her appearances at the event in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2023 showcase her consistent ability to entertain on the world's biggest stage.

 Yet Bettie isn't content with merely shining on stage! As a producer, she orchestrates sensational shows such as

The After Hours Cabaret Club, .CHURCH., Red Light Confidential, and I'm with the BANNED.


Bettie is a featured headlining artist in the smash hit show Gatsby - The Green Light now showing at the Sydney Opera House,

featured in the award winning touring production 'ORACLE',

is a core cast member with the iconic variety show The Kaye Hole (with host and producer Reuben Kaye),

has appeared iconic publications Harper's Bazaar & Vogue Australia,

features in SMASHED the brunch party (hosted and created by Victoria Falconer),

featured at the Alexander McQueen Gala at the National Gallery of Victoria, performed with YUMMY (produced by Valerie Hex and Hannie Helsden), Worship & Bust Out Burlesque (New Orleans), Hubba Hubba Revue (San Francisco), Unbridled at Untitled (Chicago),

The Slipper Room, Employees Only & Bathtub Gin (NYC), Beauty of Burlesque (L.A.), 

plus many more, but you're surely sick of reading these by now.


With a commanding stage presence, she seamlessly blends grace and power, captivating audiences with each movement.

Combined with Hollywood glamour, dangerous curves and sharp wit, Bettie exudes an irresistible allure that commands

attention from start to finish.

You will not be able to avert your eyes, and nor should you want to. 


The Glam Reaper. 

Bombshell by name, Bombshell by nature. 

Breathtaking ensemble of eclectic performers including sultry burlesque artist Bettie Bombshell.

- TimeOut Magazine


The show is surprisingly queer, particularly when it comes to the sapphic Humour that commanding burlesque siren Bettie Bombshell brings to the stage. Her act will have you either questioning or affirming your orientation.

- TimeOut Magazine


Dripping with sex & glamour

- Theatre now

Burlesque at its best.
- The Barefoot review


Burlesque Hall of Fame competitor Miss Bettie Bombshell shows exactly why she’s one of the best-known and best-loved burlesque performers on the scene. Her finesse and flair are flawless, and she is sassy and sophisticated in equal measure.
- Voicemail UK


The standout performer of the night was, predictably, the enigmatic Bettie Bombshell, a truly epic performer. She is an internationally renowned burlesque star for good reason, and it’s proven every time she stalks onto the stage. There are no half-assed performances from Bettie, they’re full assed, always — and what an ass it is! Every move exudes sexuality and oozes all over the stage. She is precision, liquid motion, and such a natural dancer that it is an honour to witness.


The highlights of Act 2 bookend the performance with Bettie Bombshell as Leo. Bettie Bomshell’s Leo is exactly as her name suggests, a bombshell performance that will leave you captivated and wanting more. In the theme of burlesque, Bettie uses fire twirling sticks that she somehow manages to re-ignite with her own breath, rubs the naked flame on her skin and effortlessly extinguishes the flame with her mouth. If that wasn’t enough, she breaks out some whips to crack away with the music. One thing was for sure, Bettie Bombshell’s Leo had the whole theatre roaring with excitement as she left the stage.


It’s no wonder she’s the best in Australia with her sexy and unapologetic moves she owns the artform outright.



Zodiac Leo, Hercules (Bettie Bombshell) is scintillating in her raunchy fire eating act; she the great warrior, upon freeing the maiden, skins the lion to create an impenetrable armour.
- Stagewhispers


Bettie Bombshell as Hercules who’s fire & roar & burlesque made for dazzling ascension as the constellation Leo; spellbinding.



A benchmark for sheer spectacle.
- The Advertiser


A breathtaking journey
- Indaily


Bettie captivates her audiences with a playful yet fiery demeanour that will tingle your senses and put you in a mood for all things naughty and forbidden
- Weekend notes


Bettie Bombshell who has been named the 11th most influential burlesque artist worldwide opens the show with a Shania Twain number that’s a whip cracking good time!


And what can one say about Bettie Bombshell, Miss Burlesque Australia 2019. Your reigning queen. There are entire cities that lack the wow factor of just one of Bombshell’s arched eyebrows. Her closing act is electrifying.
- Fringefeed

A high-energy show that has the feel and quality of a Cirque du Soleil performance
- Melbournemystyle

Fans and followers of the burlesque scene will recognise the electric presence of Bettie Bombshell whipping up a voluptuous fiery frenzy and some whip-crackin’ fun



Yet, of all the lithe bodies moving through the space the performer who drew the most boisterous reaction was that of the voluptuous fire-eating, whip-cracking Bettie Bombshell, who moved with confidence and infectious energy across the space before gulping down yet more flames.

- Jim Schembri


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