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Perth Workshop - Take it from the top!

When: Saturday 13th April 2024

Time: 2 hours

Location: TBC

Price: $60

Song used: 


This brand spanking new two hour workshop with Bettie Bombshell is filled with everything burlesque babe! We are taking it from the top! 


We are going to talk about our beautiful history, our inspirations, our burly goals, the burlesque industry & what avenues you can take, AND we are going to learn a piece of brand new hot choreography. After all that heavenly burly chit chat you will be bursting with inspiration!


Let's work our minds and our bodys in this brand new workshop designed to have you over flowing with ideas and inspiration. Darlings, let's get into it!


Bettie will provide you with a burlesque book (cute right) & a pen. All you need to bring if you and your delicious ideas so we can talk all things showbiz.


What do you wear? 

Anything that makes you feel comfortable darlings! This class wants you to feel gorgous, so wear watever helps you feel that way. Is it lingerie? Is it active wear? It is a giant garbage bag? Whatever it is, wear it! 


Heels are optional in all my classes, bare feet is absoutely fine by me. 

Perth Workshop - Take it from the top!

  • There are no refunds darlings. 

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