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Floor Flow - Beginner to Intermediate!

Location: 80 Anzac Highway, Everard Park, 5035

Date: Saunday 25th August
Time: 6pm - 7.30pm

Cost: $55

Beginner to Intermediate

Prop required: A fluffy feather, i.e ostrich feather. 

That's right folks, Bettie Bombshell's signature workshop is back back back again! This time with a little twist... we are adding a prop! 


Bettie wants to show you that sometimes all you need is some good choreography & a single fluffy feather. In this workshop we will explore the different and beautiful ways to utilise floor work within your routines!


Learn simple but effective transitions, cute floor tricks, new combinations & how to create beautiful body lines. Bettie will teach you a piece of choreography, show you all those power house floor movements, as well as how to get up from and down to the floor with ease!


You will walk away from this workshop a little sore, but with a head full of fabulous ideas and choreography. Let's dance darlings!


What do you wear? 

Anything that makes you feel comfortable darlings! This class wants you to feel gorgeous, so wear whatever helps you feel that way. Is it lingerie? Is it activewear? It is a giant garbage bag? Whatever it is, wear it! 


Heels are optional in all my classes, bare feet are absolutely fine by me.


Please if you need it, bring knee protection. This class is on the floor and we must protect your bodies!

Adelaide #2 | Floor Flow - Beginner to Intermediate​​​​​​​ | Sunday 25th August

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