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Glamour Ghouls - Fancy Fabric!

Location: 80 Anzac Highway, Everard Park, 5035

Date: Sunday 25th August
Time: 4.30pm - 5.45pm

Cost: $50

​Beginner to intermediate.

Prop required: A large(ish) piece of fabric - Wide enough to cover your body when its held in front of you, that is roughly your arms span.


Darlings, welcome to fancy fabric! This is a brand new workshop based around connecting with your audience & your self. We will learn the art of commanding a room with subtle, and not so subtle movements. It will be thick and juicy and full of bite! It's sexy, it's powerful, it's so much fun!

During this piece of choreography we will be working with fabric and discovering all of the beautiful & seductive ways you can incorporate it into your acts! It's chiffonography, it's full of drama, it's luxurious darling. You're fancy & you have fabric!

What do you wear? 

Anything that makes you feel comfortable darlings! This class wants you to feel gorgeous, so wear whatever helps you feel that way. Is it lingerie? Is it activewear? It is a giant garbage bag? Whatever it is, wear it! 


Heels are optional in all my classes, bare feet are absolutely fine by me


Adelaide #1 | Glamour Ghouls - Fancy Fabric | Sunday 25th August

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